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Military Rugged Tablet (MRT) with INTEL® CORE™ i7

MRT - Military Rugged Tablet Computer

Mission Critical Rugged Computing

DRS’ military rugged tablet establishes new standards in functionality and performance for portable rugged computers.
The MRT meets or exceeds the relevant specifications from MILSTD-810G for environmental conditions, MIL-STD-461E for EMI/
EMC conditions and MIL-STD-1275D for operating with DC vehicle power.

Its modular architecture allows the MRT to be easily configurable with many options. An Express Card slot behind a sealed door
allows the MRT to be customized with a variety of standard communications devices such as a TacLink or a PCIDM modem for interfacing with various voice and data radios. Its internal “flex” space can be configured to accept either a commercial GPS with better than 10m positional accuracy or an optional SAASM GPS with a front bezel mounted patch antenna.

The MRT is constructed from military grade, high strength aluminum alloy housing. Powered with 64-bit architecture of
the Intel® Core™ i7 processor, 4 GB of memory and 128 GB of solid state hard drive the MRT provides significant processing capabilities in a compact form factor. Selective positioning of critical components internally and built-in thermal features in the housing allows the MRT to operate without requiring fans or forced air cooling. Careful design of the housing ensures comfortable touch temperatures for the operators.

The MRT utilizes a 10.4” LCD for primary user interface. The optically bonded display assembly consisting of a 1024 x 768
(XGA) resolution LCD, a 5-wire pressure sensitive touch screen and embedded EMI/EMC protection features offer unmatched EMI/EMC performance IAW MIL-STD-461E while providing excellent direct sunlight viewability. The user controllable LED backlight allows the brightness of the LCD to be adjusted for operations in bright sunlight to NVG/NVIS compatible environments. The bonded construction adds additional ruggedness and allows the MRT to operate trouble free in high humidity environment.

Variants of the DRS military rugged tablet have already been successfully deployed by the US military:
• US Army: Mortars Fire Control, Intelligent Munitions Systems (IMS) Control Station, FBCB2/JBC-P, Movement Tracking System (MTS)
• US Marines: Target Location Designation Hand-Off System (TLDHS) StrikeLink
• US Air Force: Tactical Air Control Party (TAC-P) modernization

With over 30,000 tablets deployed, DRS is fully committed to long term support of the MRT family with multi-year global warranties, 24/7 call center support and managed obsolescence mitigation plans.

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